May 18 is the International Museum Day! Since 1977, according to the ICOM, (International Council of Museums) this day is celebrated by open doors day in all over the world, the exhibitions, educational programs and other activities and held. Stalin state Museum joins this celebration and dedicated “Museum Week” to the International Museum Day.
On May 18 admission is free to visit the whole museum complex.

From 18 to 31 May
Goga Chanadiri exhibition “Architect of Stalin period” is opened in our Museum today.

On May 21
21:00 – Handmade exhibition of Society “Biliki”. Fashion Show of nursery school and pupils.
22:00 – Gori Painter’s exhibition.
22:30 - Show of “Shavparosnebi”.
23:00 – Laureate of international challenge Zaqaria Charuashvili’s live music.
24:00 – Poetry in the Evening,   Ball.
01:00 – celebrity fireworks.
02:00 – Facy-dress ball